Industry Specialization

Industry Specialization

Unmatched Audio/Video Expertise

BirdDog has been providing logistics services for audio/video industry since albums were vinyl and the next big buzz was the laser disc.

We know the critical importance of consistent, time-sensitive pickup, scheduling and delivery in the entertainment industry. Our investment in hardware and software technology, training and capacity to meet street dates for the audio/video business helped us build a reputation as a highly regarded market leader.

But, there’s more to it than that. We work directly with the people who manufacture the product. Schedules are produced in advance. As days go by, we make sure the product is actually ready to ship when and as expected. From start to finish, across the entire supply chain, the same people on our team:

  • Choose the proper carrier mode and make arrangements for pick-up and delivery.
  • Constantly update delivery information, shipping status and delivery confirmation.

No matter how sophisticated the technology, the real test comes down to dedicated transportation professionals who know the business and have a commitment to BirdDog and its customers.

That’s the BirdDog Difference