Carrier’s Guide

Carrier’s Guide

Carriers, Who Delivers For You?

While partnerships with third-party providers have many benefits, carriers should consider the risks – and rewards – before joining a provider’s carrier network. Ask the following questions about the companies or individuals that want you to haul freight for them to make sure they can deliver reliably for you.

  • Do They Have Freight?

    A company could have a great credit score, a best-in-class service reputation and years of industry experience, but if they don’t have dependable shipments for you, none of those qualities matter.

  • How Well Do They Respond to Problems?

    Some providers are able to provide more than enough freight but disappear when the going gets tough. Make sure your freight partner has the long-standing service reputation you need to mitigate your risks.

  • How Long Will They Be in Business?

    If you’re moving freight and expect to be compensated for your service, you want the company that gave you the freight to be in a solid financial position for future business interest.

  • Are They Easy to Work With?

    Getting a load and getting on the road should never be difficult. Find a provider that enables you to spend less time dealing with administrative functions and more time moving freight.

  • What Is Their Reputation in the Marketplace?

    Investigate a potential business partner’s reputation before joining their network. Ask around or seek out peers to find out what it’s like to be a carrier for them. It’s just as important to find out if shippers like working with them.

  • Do They Pay Quickly?

    You want to be paid for the work you perform in a timely fashion. You also expect to be paid the agreed-upon amount. It should be easy to discover how long it takes this potential partner to pay by speaking with carriers currently in their network.

  • Are They Experienced?

    If you encounter any problems out on the road, who’s going to be there to help you? Make sure any supplier of freight has the necessary experience to make sure you’re covered regardless of the situation.


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