Become a Carrier

Become a Carrier

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At BirdDog, we know our service is only as good as our carrier network. That’s why we continue to build our network with the most reputable carriers in North America, whether they have one truck or more than 1,000. When our customers need to move a shipment we give them access to the best carriers available, regardless of shipping mode. BirdDog carriers get:

  • Consistent Volume

    We deliver all over North America.

  • Favorable Origins & Destinations

    We match you with shippers that fit your
    preferences & strengths.

  • Quick Payment Terms

    We have a long track record of paying carriers quickly.

  • Ease of Doing Business

    Our talented management staff has an average of 20 years of logistics experience and knows how to get you what you need.

You can be sure you’ll have help when you need it. If you’re out on the road with a problem, email or call us at 800.344.8950. We’ll help you solve it.

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