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Transportation Reporting and Analytics

Make informed decisions based on your shipping data

Get an Advanced Analytics DemoBirdDog OnDemand supplies 24/7 access to key metric reports and the ability to create your own customizable reports. These reports include in-depth analyses of your shipping activities with easy-to-understand tables and charts. Our information management capabilities help you make informed decisions and realize substantial year-over-year savings.

Transportation Reporting and Analytics:

Volume and Spend Analysis: Gain instant insight into every single shipment you make. BirdDog OnDemand displays your shipping costs by carrier and highlights the amount you have saved through your BirdDog partnership.

You’ll achieve immediate insight into key metrics:

  • Volume
  • Shipping exceptions
  • Package characteristics
  • Shipping charges
  • Year-to-date savings trends
  • Average cost per package or shipment

Package Weight Analysis: BirdDog’s detailed Weight Analysis function helps you make strategic cost-saving decisions. By knowing all the weight adjustments that your carriers are applying, you will avoid overcharges.

Charge Type Analysis: Approximately 10% to 20% of your invoices consist of accessorial charges. Across the main carriers, there are currently more than 800 different charges. BirdDog OnDemand breaks down all your charges, allowing you to keep a close eye on precisely where your money is being spent.

Lane Analysis: The Lane Analysis function provides detailed visibility into the shipments you make across each lane. With this information, you can better make strategic cost-saving decisions.

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