Advanced Shipping Data Analytics & BI

Monitor trends. Set goals. Measure results.

Your shipping data is used throughout our engagement. Data analysis is performed with our proprietary tools and technology to engineer your parcel program and optimize your carrier agreement. Your invoice data is analyzed during your ongoing shipping audit to ensure you never overpay your carriers.
You can then view and use your shipping data through the OnDemand™ advanced shipping analytics portal. The portal reveals business intelligence to support smarter shipping and better decision-making. When you gain visibility into customer service analytics and can thoroughly monitor parcel spend, you have the data you need to positively impact your company’s bottom line.

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Advanced shipping data analytics portal provides BI for parcel shippers.
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How can shipping data create opportunity?

Advanced analytics with actionable insight removes the mystery

What if your shipping data could help you make better decisions?

The on-demand, cloud-based, proprietary analytics SaaS portal provides 24/7 secure access to your shipping data through custom dashboards, key metric reports, innovative alerts, and expert advice to help you manage your operations, vendors, and carriers.

Dashboards and Trending Analysis

Straightforward tables, charts and maps:

  • Parcel spend analysis (e.g. cost per package),
  • Customer service KPIs (e.g. 1-day shipping),
  • Parcel service utilization, and
  • Many others!
Financial and Operational Reporting

Custom reports can be designed for:

  • Budgeting,
  • Forecasting,
  • Compliance, and
  • Much more…
Actionable Insight

A customized Health Check provides more than 18 proactive alerts including:

  • Excessive surcharges,
  • Dimensional (DIM) warnings,
  • Average zone changes, and
  • 15+ others.
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It’s not data to view, it’s data to use.