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parcel program design

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Business Needs Assessment
The objective is to understand current and future business requirements for your company and how your parcel shipping program will play a part. We look at your company’s growth, consolidation, new products, expansion, subsidized/free shipping, enhance time in transit, etc.

Parcel Shipping Data Review
In order to develop a comprehensive view of your current parcel practices, we thoroughly analyze your shipping profile, products shipped, services, zone, weight usage, accessorial impact routing guidelines and many more of your shipping data points.

Parcel Network Analysis
We review your parcel shipping flow in relation to carrier networks to identify areas of opportunity. We consider your current carrier operating plans, distribution centers proximity to carrier hubs, your operational requirements, and technology integration.

Parcel Program Design Process

Sample Program Engineering Solutions:

  • Subsidized shipping model
  • Regional carrier analysis
  • Zone skipping
  • Mode optimization
  • DC site selection
  • Inbound vendor analysis
  • Custom carrier programs
  • Pool distribution vs. CWT
  • Inventory fulfillment
  • Split shipment analysis
  • International expansion
  • Mergers & acquisition analysis
  • Peak season shipping program
  • Order cadence/fulfillment model
  • Shipping & handling
  • Landed cost modeling

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