Parcel Program Engineering

More insight. More options. More opportunities for success.

Aligned to meet defined business objectives, we work with you to engineer a custom, high-volume parcel program with recommendations on modes, carriers, and services, ending in contract optimization so that you can negotiate the most competitive carrier rates for your program.

Our approach is to take a 360-degree view to fully understand the current and future business requirements for your company and how your parcel shipping program will play a part.

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Phase 1: Business Needs Assessment

Understanding what drives your business is the key to designing a competitive parcel program.
You'll need to address growth, new markets, speed of delivery, cost, new product expansion, free shipping, customer service...

Phase 2: Program Analysis & Design

A thorough analysis of your current parcel shipping program will highlight where efficiency can be gained and maintained. We analyze your shipping characteristics, product attributes, inventory and SKU placement, carriers, services, markets, routing, distribution centers, technology, and more.

Phase 3: Program Implementation

Once your new parcel program is engineered to meet your business needs, your parcel contracts can be optimized, carriers selected and implemented.
Our parcel solutions team consists of industrial engineers, former corporate pricing executives and product managers from the major carriers. No one is better informed to help you negotiate the best pricing and terms with your carriers.

Our shipping invoice audit service ensures that your carriers are in compliance with your agreements.
You will also have access to your shipping detail through our online client portal.

Free Parcel Shipping Savings Analysis

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Sample Engineering Services

  • Carrier selection: UPS®, FedEx®, USPS®, DHL®, Purolator®, regional carriers, etc.
  • Competitive agreement optimization
  • Subsidized shipping modeling
  • Regional carrier analysis (OnTrac®, LaserShip®, etc.)
  • Mode optimization
  • Postal induction consideration (SmartPost, SurePost, etc.)
  • Same-day delivery options
  • Zone skipping review
  • Split shipment assessment
  • Inbound/3rd party vendor analysis
  • Custom carrier program engineering
  • Comprehensive routing analysis
  • Pool distribution vs. CWT considerations
  • LTL/CWT evaluation
  • DC alignment and site selection analysis
  • Inventory fulfillment review
  • International expansion strategy development
  • Mergers & acquisition analysis
  • Order cadence/fulfillment modeling


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    Contract Optimization Step-by-Step

    RFP Creation and Management: Based upon the program design, our engineers create bid documents and manage the RFP process.
    Carrier Response Analysis: We analyze the carrier proposal data with proprietary tools to present your options
    Agreement Negotiation: Each round of bid responses is carefully reviewed to develop and manage your negotiation strategy.
    Carrier Selection and Implementation: Our recommendations help YOU make the most appropriate service and carrier selections among: UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, Purolator, OnTrac, LaserShip and others. We then oversee the implementation of your new contracts to ensure a smooth transition.
    Ongoing Monitoring: Our audit service ensures carrier compliance wand provides valuable insight into operational improvements. Plus, our online advanced shipping analytics portal—will provide proactive alerts and measure KPIs.