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The UPS ORION system continues to revolutionize route optimization

UPS ORION system

Getting from point A to point B is a lot easier because of the UPS ORION system and its amazing capabilities. ORION, which stands for On-Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation, is a technological advancement transforming the way UPS gets the job done.

For many years, UPS has been researching ways to streamline their 55,000 North American routes. The result is ORION and a total of nearly $1 billion in infrastructure investments intend to make UPS even more competitive.

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How free return shipping lessens online shopping risk and increases sales

Unhappy online shopper

While many organizations focus on getting products into the hands of consumers, it is often overlooked that implementing a strong, real-time reverse logistics program is also important. The goal to satisfy customers will ultimately improve profitability and even reduce product returns.

Consumers are not as averse to shopping for apparel and footwear from the comfort of their homes, when they find ecommerce retailers who offer a customer-friendly free return shipping service. Before making a purchasing decision, over 67% of consumers check out the retailer’s return policy. And so a poor returns policy is one of the top eight reasons why shoppers abandon their online shopping cart.

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B2B purchasing and shipping insights for industrial retailers

B2B supply chain

The way we conduct business may evolve and change over time, but the core elements remain the same. That means offering high quality products, providing solid customer service, and delivering goods on time, every time. These things will never change and the B2B purchasing and shipping options you utilize are at the core of making sure your business can deliver exactly what you promise to your customers.

Last year, UPS conducted a survey of B2B retailers to determine how the Internet era has affected their operations. Unsurprisingly, they discovered that companies with a solid online presence were in a far better position than companies without it. This means having easy to navigate and search e-commerce sites that provide accurate information quickly.

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Shipping club members highlight the importance of on time delivery

on-time delivery

The importance of on time delivery is at an all time high, and it’s not likely to change… ever. In our ever competitive and fast-paced world, you rely on the shipping and delivery services to help your businesses grow. If you fail to deliver, you will soon start to see customers find someone who can.

In fact, Bizrate Insights recently conducted a survey of online shoppers who are currently participating in shipping clubs. The responses indicated that up to 25% of them would consider canceling their participation should their packages not arrive on time. This is a significant number and it’s not surprising given the fact that a large number of people participating in shipping clubs are doing so as part of a free trial.

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May 2015 Fuel Surcharge Rates: UPS, FedEx, DHL and OnTrac


Each month, FedEx®, UPS®, DHL® and regional carriers such as OnTrac® and Eastern Connection® publish their Ground and Air fuel surcharge rates. Getting a clear picture of the monthly rates is important as these charges could have a significant impact on your transportation budget throughout the year.

As we’ve predicted, Air and Ground rates are starting to level off as a result of the decrease in jet fuel costs from a few months ago. For the month of May, Air rates decreased slightly across the board while a .25% increase from UPS was the only change to ground rates. We may see the same trend in the next couple of months but don’t be surprised if the carriers start increasing their rates mid to late summer as the price of jet fuel is starting to gradually increase.

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