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Be prepared to navigate changing B2B e-commerce trends

B2B e-commerce trends

We all know the Internet as a portal for business to consumer sales. In recent years, B2B e-commerce trends indicate that more and more businesses are shifting their operations to cater to the online needs of their customers around the globe.

This is an exciting trend with widespread implications. With B2B sales expected to reach up to $1 trillion this year, it means that your business model is going more and more digital. Changes to your marketing programs, your website, sales processes and infrastructure will help you get beyond your normal comfort zone where your business has made its name.

Achieving this requires three things:

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Same-day delivery: Omnichannel retailers have advantages over mega ecommerce players

Same-day delivery

As consumers begin to expect same-day delivery options for their online shopping purchases, omnichannel retailers are jumping onboard alongside major rival ecommerce companies— providing the same convenient service at rapid speeds. With many online orders being fulfilled directly from the store, or from a local warehouse, omnichannel retailers have the ability to deliver products even faster than ecommerce fulfillment centers that are often located many zones away from customers.

When it comes to same-day delivery services, omnichannel retailers have significant advantages over ecommerce-only organizations—benefits such as lower operational costs, lower investment costs, and greater customer satisfaction.

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Customer satisfaction is the omnichannel retailing challenge

Omnichannel retailing: showrooming

Business, technology, and consumer demands have a habit of evolving in tandem with one another. Just as the product lines your business offers must evolve, the way you’re selling them to your customers must evolve as well. In the Internet era, convenience is king and speedy, satisfying customer service is expected at every stage of the sales process. That’s why understanding the omnichannel methodology is essential for your business’ survival. It’s the seamless integration of your physical storefront, your online presence, and the way your customers make purchases.

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December 2014 Fuel Surcharge Rates: UPS, FedEx, DHL and OnTrac

Fuel Surcharge Tracker

Important Note:

OnTrac has been added to BirdDog’s carrier fuel surcharge tracker page.

Every month, FedEx®, UPS®, DHL® and regional carriers such as OnTrac®  release their Ground and Air fuel surcharge rates. Whether the rates remain the same, increase or decrease these charges may influence your parcel budget throughout the year.

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Tune up with a pre- and post- holiday audit

Last-Minute Holiday Shipping Checklist

Use our Last-Minute Holiday Shipping Checklist to ensure you’re ready for another record-breaking peak season. Then, wrap the holidays up with a post-holiday audit.

You’ll be collecting lots of data over the holiday season, likely the most of the year. Use it to your advantage. Do you have a way to gain insight into all of these areas?

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