Shipping Audit Services

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Engineering your parcel program is only the first step to optimize your parcel shipping operation.
Most shippers do not have the resources to check each and every invoice for accuracy. Duplicate invoices, misapplied accessorial surcharge fees, incorrect rates—these are just a few that can be found in a full freight or parcel shipping audit.

Even if you wanted to, without the necessary technology, it would take an army of accountants to ensure that you catch every single issue. You can trust the BirdDog SSAE16 Type II compliance shipping audit team to unravel such complex carrier invoices for you.

How do you identify incorrect shipping charges?

Through advanced technology and many years of experience, our audit team finds and corrects the errors of major and regional carrier invoices such as: UPS®, FedEx®, DHL®, Purolator®, USPS®, OnTrac®, LaserShip® and others.

Our service not only processes millions of parcel and freight invoices each week, but matches the charges to your delivery information and your carrier agreements to perform these parcel shipping audits:

Invoice Audits
  • Rates (e.g. freight, accessorial, fuel)
  • Manifested Not Shipped
  • Address corrections
  • And more!
Service Audits
  • Guaranteed Service
  • Saturday pick up
  • Saturday delivery
  • Get in contact to find out more!
Compliance Audits
  • Dimensional weight
  • Inbound monitoring
  • Routing compliance
  • Contact us to learn the others!
Complimentary Compliance & Risk Assessment

Are you following best practices?

Other Standard Auditing Services

  • Lost/Damaged Claims Management: We work with the carriers on your behalf to reconcile all invoices.
  • G/L Coding: Shipping charges are allocated across your entire organization based on your general ledger rules.
  • Accurate Payment: For select customers, we consolidate your invoices and ensure timely and accurate payment to your carriers.
  • Reporting: Invoice data is easily accessible through the BirdDog OnDemand® advanced shipping analytics portal. Use this data to help you manage your carriers, vendors and internal operations.