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Contract Negotiation

The BirdDog team has the expertise to deliver win-win agreements with your carriers

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Contract Optimization Process

Our Optimization Process allows you to easily maintain control while leveraging our expertise and technology to secure the best pricing and terms while streamlining your logistics operations:

contract optimization

  • Shipment & Contract Analysis: BirdDog begins the optimization process with a comprehensive analysis of your current shipping patterns, service mix, package characteristics, contract, and industry data. A list of potential savings opportunities is identified.
  • Establish Parameters: Before our consultants get to work, we meet with you to better understand your environment and evolving requirements.
  • Bid Management: BirdDog has invested heavily in a Professional Services team consisting of former pricing and operations management executives from the major carriers. This team helps create the bid documents and assists you throughout the entire RFP process.
  • Carrier Negotiation: We will analyze each bid response and will help with the negotiation of all aspects of your contract(s), assessing more than 130 factors.
  • Carrier Selection: Once your contracts have been negotiated, we present the outcome of the bid process to your team, providing recommendations to help you make the most informed business decision. The final carrier selection is ultimately yours.
  • Contract Implementation: After selecting a carrier, BirdDog oversees implementation of your new contracts. We work proactively to ensure that issues are resolved quickly while continuously keeping you informed.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: Once your new contracts are in place, BirdDog’s comprehensive audit service  ensures that your carriers are in compliance. In addition, you will have access to your shipping detail through our online customer portal, BirdDog OnDemand.

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