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Compliance Audit

Most shippers don’t have the resources to check each and every invoice for accuracy. Duplicate invoices, misapplied accessorials, incorrect rates; these are just a few of the budget sapping errors that can crop up every day. Even if you wanted to, without the necessary technology, it would take an army of accountants to ensure that you catch every single issue.

Through advanced technology and our team of audit specialists we process millions of invoices at a detail level each week, proving that: Every Invoice, Every Line Item, Every Week is a savings opportunity.

Compliance Audit Service:

BirdDog’s Compliance Audit Service Includes:Compliance Audit

Invoice Audit: BirdDog audits each invoice line by line, to identify every savings opportunity.

Claims Management: We are a full-service company that uses a proven process to claim your refunds. When we find an incorrect rate, we work with the carrier on your behalf and reconcile the bill for you.

Charge Allocation: For budgeting and accounting purposes, we allocate shipping costs across your entire organization—dispersing payments and credits by department or account code based on your general ledger rules.

Accurate Payment: For select customers, we can consolidate your invoices and ensure timely and accurate payment through secure electronic fund transfers. This frees up your accounting department to focus on more value-added activities.

Reporting and Analytics: We make all invoice data easily accessible through the BirdDog OnDemand portal; putting shipping trends at your fingertips.

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