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Advanced Analytics

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BirdDog OnDemand™ provides 24/7 access to key metric reports and the ability to create your own customizable reports. These reports include an in-depth analysis of your shipping activities through the use of easy-to-understand tables and charts. With our information management capabilities help you make informed decisions to help you realize substantial year-over-year savings.

Analytics include:

Volume and Spend Analysis: Gain instant insight into every single shipment you make. BirdDog OnDemand™ also displays your shipping costs by carrier and will highlight the amount you have saved through your BirdDog partnership.

You’ll achieve immediate insight into key metrics:

  • Volume
  • Shipping exceptions
  • Package characteristics
  • Shipping charges
  • Year-to-date savings trends
  • Average cost per package or shipment

Package Weight Analysis: BirdDog’s detailed Weight Analysis function helps you make strategic cost-saving decisions. By knowing all the weight adjustments that your carriers are applying, you will avoid overcharges.

Charge Type Analysis: Approximately 10% to 20% of your invoices consist of accessorial charges. Across the main carriers, there are currently more than 800 different charges. BirdDog OnDemand™ breaks down all your charges, allowing you to keep a close eye on precisely where your money is being spent.

Lane Analysis: The Lane Analysis function provides detailed visibility into the shipments you make across each lane. With this information, you will be better positioned to make strategic cost-saving decisions.

BirdDog OnDemand™ does so much more than just analysis. Learn more about how you can manage a Fortune 500-level logistics program with BirdDog OnDemand™ here.

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