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Parcel Engineering Experts

Founded in 1998, BirdDog Solutions partners with the world’s largest shippers to strategically design and execute parcel programs aligned to meet their business goals through a unique combination of industry expertise, technology and analytics. Becoming an extension of their team, BirdDog takes a comprehensive approach to each company’s shipping operations and engineers a customized parcel program, competitive contract optimization strategy, a secure compliance audit service and detailed reporting with advanced analytics.

BirdDog is headquartered in Andover, MA and employs more than 275 people across North America.

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Parcel Shipping Optimization

Our Parcel Shipping Optimization allows you to easily maintain control while leveraging our expertise and technology to secure the best pricing and terms while streamlining your parcel operations.

Parcel Program Engineering:   Compliance Audit:   Analytics & Reporting:
Aligned to meet defined business objectives, we work with you to engineer a custom high volume parcel program with recommendations on modes, carriers, and services, ending in contract optimization so that you can negotiate the most competitive carrier rates for your program. Specific examples include:

  • Carrier selection: UPS, FedEx, DHL, regional carriers, etc.
  • Subsidized shipping model assessment,
  • DC site selection,
  • Zone skipping,
  • Comprehensive routing analysis, and
  • Competitive agreement optimization.
  As an extension of your team, our audit specialists expertly check each and every shipping invoice, line by line, for accuracy, to find savings for you each year. Through advanced technology, we find and correct errors, such as:

  • Duplicate invoices,
  • Misapplied accessorial surcharge fees,
  • Incorrect rates.
  Data drives decision making. You will have 24/7 secure access to your shipping data as well as custom dashboards and key metric reports through a cloud-based, proprietary technology platform, BirdDog OnDemand™.

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